Our locomotion system: the 4th Wall

The new concept of virtual reality introduced by Valve and HTC with the VIVE goes well beyond the already incredible experience offered by the Oculus DK2.


Being able to move with your body in a virtual space creates a unique feeling of presence, truly indescribable.


In terms of gameplay, however, limiting an entire game in a few meters inside a room-sized space could be detrimental in the long run, killing exploration, one important gameplay factor.


The 4th WALL locomotion system of Runes that we are building allows the player to move his/her character anywhere in the game with a third person view and classic analogic stick movement, with the camera bound to the player head; physically moving within the room will let the player choose from which direction observe the character and the scene.


locomotion (1)
locomotion (4)
locomotion (3)

The player can relax, sitting on the sofa while exploring within the game or look at the scene details.

At the push of a specific button, the character will move into a first-person view, being able to freely move within the limits of his room.

locomotion (2)
locomotion (2)

BELOW a small video of how it works!