Stormborn Studio
Based in Trieste, Italy

Founding date:
March 2016


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Runes The Forgotten Path


+39 328 4622082


We're the kind of people who grew up in a world that included video games. Who explored other worlds, thanks to those video games. Some of us are old enough to have stared, wide-eyed, at a pixelated spaceship landing on Jupiter, on a Commodore 64. We've ventured through Hyrule, and saved princesses from Bowser. We wielded both tongues and swords against our foes, on Caribbean islands, with Guybrush. We've ventured through dungeons and alien planets. And on and on, all the way to today. Screens of all sizes have reflected their light on our amazed faces, at all times of day or night. Video games helped shape our jokes, our imagination, our hysterical reaction times. We're gamers. That's who we are.



Stormborn Studio was unofficially established in 2014 by a small group of hardcore gamers excited about the challenges and possibilities that Virtual Reality had brought to the scene. We were eager to explore this new, uncharted land: a new frontier for the entertainment industry. With time, the studio became more and more proficient at exploiting the potential of this technological breakthrough, always on the leading edge. After some fruitful collaborations with local and national businesses that needed development of VR-based experiences and apps, we decided to go back to the project that brought us together in the first place: a fantasy action-adventure video game capable of exploiting all the new major VR technologies. And so Runes: The forgotten path was born. Stormborn Studio is now in full production, and about to launch a Kickstarter campaign.


The new concept of Virtual Reality introduced by Valve and HTC with the HTC VIVE goes well beyond the already incredible experience offered by the Oculus DK2. Being able to move with your body in a virtual space creates a unique feeling of presence, truly indescribable. In terms of gameplay, however, limiting an entire game to a few meters within a room-sized space is detrimental in the long run as it kills exploration, which is one crucial gameplay factor in an adventure game. That’s why we came up with "4th Wall", one of the locomotion systems we developed for Runes. 4th Wall allows the player to roam freely in a third person point of view and to switch back to first person at the press of a button to cast spells, fight, dodge or interact with objects and NPCs, thus maintaining the freedom of movement within the room space.



Runes gameplay Kickstarter trailer YouTube

Intro video YouTube

Runes lost memory teaser YouTube


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Giacomo Lucchini

Alejandro Castedo Echeverri

Marco Boncompagno

Giacomo Marini

Alvaro Franco

Lorenzo Visintin

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